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Join us as a contestant learns whether one of
the women that he loved in the past
 is the woman of his future!


Meet the Contestant

Lee Linsky  


The Original Essays

Addendum to Bio/Health Form Entire Life
Debbie Perlish Elementary School
Stephie Calisto Elementary School
Molly Talbot Elementary School
Janice Rosen Elementary School
Dina Green Junior High School
Cindy Barson High School
Amy Meissner  High School
Julie Weinberg High School
Hester and Esther  High School
Barbara Bressler High School
Jill Gedelman High School
Karen Jean Mason College
Katlyn Cohen College
Mary Jane O’Conner College
Liz Mitchell College
Nancy Grey College
That Girl From Dartmouth College
Kristy Crosby College
Anne Riley Graduate School
Bonnie Perlman Postgraduate
Wendi Julliard Age 41
Jeri Ryan Age 46
The Woman in the Elevator Age 47
Ashley Morgan Age 48
The Others All Ages